Patient consent to receive SMS messages

Dear patients,

In the upcoming months we would like to obtain your informed consent for sending you mobile phone SMS messages via our new HotDoc system here at the practice.  Please read through the following and the next time you are in you can give us your consent.  We will also be sending out a SMS broadcast in the near future where you can opt in or out of receiving future SMS reminders.

Q. What is HotDoc?

A. HotDoc is a free service that helps patient’s book online medical appointments. No more waiting on hold to book an appointment. The doctor’s schedule is now at your fingertips.  It also allows for us to contact you via mobile phone SMS for appointment reminders, recalls, and medical services we offer.  You can get to HotDoc either by visiting their website or our website or by downloading the HotDoc app onto your mobile phone (preferred method).

Q. What will Blamey Street Surgery message me about?

A. First, if you have an upcoming appointment, we will send you a reminder message 48 hours prior to it.  Second, if you are overdue or due for a health checkup (also known as a recall), you will get a reminder message explaining what it is about.  Third, there may be instances where we send out a message regarding important medical service information, such as when flu vaccines are in, so that you can book in straight away.

Q. What is HotDoc Recalls?

A. HotDoc Recalls is a 100% automated service that allows clinics to effortlessly send scheduled health reminders to patients by SMS. Developed as Australia’s first secure electronic recalls system with 3 step patient verification, HotDoc Recalls meets full RACGP accreditation and privacy standards, and is extremely helpful to both patients and the practice.  You can watch a short video about recalls as well here,

For more information, please visit or ask a receptionist when you visit next.  Thank you for your patronage and assistance.

Joel Kozlowski